Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a registration fee to attend the lectures?

Ans. There is no fee, but registration is mandatory to attend the lectures. Please note, you will not get a separate email to confirm your registration. The calendar invites and the link to join the lecture will be sent to you a few days after your registration.

2. What is the language of delivery of the lectures?

Ans. English

3. How do you keep it free?

Ans. At a personal level, the lecturers and the organising committee volunteer with their time, experience, and expertise. The Information Technology Services (ITS) team at the University of Queensland has generously provided the access to the webinar platform by Zoom to host the lectures.

4. Do I get a certificate?

Ans. Yes, but there is a protocol in place. Participation with the sole motive to get the certificate is discouraged.

The protocol to get the certificate is provided below.

(a) Your attendance time in at least one of the lectures/workshop sessions needs to be at least 60%. To auto register your attendance, please make sure that you join the session with your full name and email address.

(b) The certificate will list all the individual lectures/workshop sessions attended by the awardee with above 60% attendance time.

5. How long will you run this for?

Ans. Good question; let's say “as long as we have the necessary resources and the interest of the audience”.

6. Is it good enough to watch these lectures and to not get university education?

Ans. These lectures are to supplement your learning. They will not lead to the award of any degree or diploma.

7. Do you provide presentations for the lectures/workshops?

Ans. The lecture series is a pro bono effort to disseminate knowledge of the pioneers/experts to the wider geotechnical community. The lecturers are formally requested to provide a copy of their presentations. They may or may not choose to do so at their sole discretion. If received, the presentations are circulated only with the attendees for their own personal use. The lecturer and their work should be cited appropriately whenever learnings from these presentations are used. Slides/contents from the presentations should not be reproduced without prior written approval from the lecturers.

8. Are recordings of the lectures available?

Ans. We request the lecturers to allow the session to be recorded. If they agree, the session is recorded. Attendees consent to the recording and subsequent sharing of the recorded lecture by joining in the session. The recordings will be made available post all the lectures or after a period of 3 months from a particular lecture, whichever is later. The recordings are not shared instantly due to the following three reasons:

(a) Time Constraint: The recordings need post processing, which requires a significant amount of voluntary time on the part of the organising committee.

(b) Approval: Edited versions of the talks need to be approved by the respective lecturers prior to making it available on a public domain.

(c) Attendance in live sessions: Whenever possible, participation in the live sessions is encouraged.

9. I'm interested in helping out. I have an idea to improve the series. I have some suggestions. Where can I reach you guys?

Ans. Our Email address is in the 'Contact us' tab of our website. We will endeavour to respond to the queries/suggestions other than what have already been answered on this page.